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When you find time, I 'll be too old".

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<Configured for a baby -back support rises higher on a younger baby

Babies require body to body contact in their primal year to benefit short and long term health and happiness —for both of you. Your arms are best baby carrier bar none. In our modern life style that is next to impossible.
There are a myriad of carriers now available which is a wonderful thing. It means we have more choice, unlike previous generations. There is not a carrier that does not fill a need or a niche. Some do it better than others. Some may make you feel good about doing the right thing; but the inconvenience, heat, bulk, storage, discomfort and limitations make you feel like a martyr. Make sure you get the best baby carrier—for you both.

Make the future fun and easy, its where you & baby are spending the rest of your life!..
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CuddleKARRIER on, adjust and reposition with one hand - 'on-the-fly'!
CuddleKARRIER is an 8-in-ONE KiNDER Mobility System ... the easiest and simplest way to carry your baby, toddler or preschooler comfortably. Be 'in touch' with your little one as you maximize and enjoy your time.

The CuddleKARRIER makes a wonderful gift, that will ACTUALLY be used for daily nurturing needs... not as a dust collector in the closet. The CuddleKARRIER makes carrying so easy and fast it will be enjoyed daily to make parenting pleasurable. The best investment for your baby, mom, dad, caregiver and family. Click here for Video Demo.

"Now is the time for me to cuddle and hold, when you find time -I'll be too old."

Too HOT ? conventional carriers? "'s way KEWL!"
UNSOLICITED CUSTOMER COMMENTS Colder Climates?....dress baby and yourself, for the weather -not the carrier... instantly adjusts to accommodate outer wear! or wear under your coat for quick trips

Outstanding features of the Cuddle Karrier-

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