15 Modern Front Porch Ideas | brick&batten (2024)

Nothing says curb appeal like a well-appointed modern front porch. Because it’s often a visitor’s first impression of your home, your front porch must be visually appealing. It should also be inviting and fit with the overall design of your exterior.

Don’t overlook the front porch of your home when updating your home’s exterior! If you’re considering renovating your front porch or exterior, our designers at brick&batten would love to help. Learn more about our exterior design services.
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#1 // Built-in Planters

The built-in planters that flank either side of this front porch add greenery and movement to this modern bungalow design. This design feature also further emphasizes the home’s symmetry. Plus, the planters provide a simple way to incorporate seasonal flora or add a pop of color.

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#2 // Porch Columns

We love a sturdy timber porch column on a modern home to add a rustic, natural element. On this asymmetrical home, the columns help frame and highlight the front door, drawing the eye to it.

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#3 // Add-on Porch

Adding a porch to the design of this small ranch home not only allows for a place to sit or greet visitors, it also brings a more welcoming feel to the façade. The modern style comes through in our designer’s recommendations for seating, lighting, and porch accessories.

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#4 // Outdoor Living Space

Many people think of their backyards when they think of outdoor living. However, the front porch is also a great spot for gathering friends and family and extending your home’s usable space. This design included awning bump-outs on both sides of the entry overhang for extra room to entertain.

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#5 // Walkway to the Front Porch

An oft-overlooked part of the front porch is the walkway that leads up to it. Because it connects visitors from your porch to your driveway or sidewalk, a well-designed walkway is a key part of your front porch’s usability.

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#6 // Privacy Screen

If you’re looking for some privacy for your modern front porch seating area, a screen is a great solution. Our clients who live in more densely populated areas love them for this reason. Privacy screens are also helpful as they offer shade in sunny climates. And of course we think they look cool, too!

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#7 // Porch Awnings

This updated two-story home has a modern porch awning paired with an open gable over the front porch. Awnings generally serve two purposes: protection from the elements and a beautiful design feature.

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#8 // Unique Features

More than just a practical solution for seeing at night, modern porch lighting should also be beautiful. The large double globe lights enable visitors to stay after dark in the seating area that fits perfectly within the L-shape of the home. This porch example is also unique because it does not have an awning, making it feel more open.

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#9 // Breeze Block Wall

Midcentury modern breeze block walls add privacy and promote airflow on front porches. We love them because they’re both practical and visually interesting.

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#10 // Elevated Layout

Elevated homes offer tons of interesting options for front porch designs. In the example above, the porch itself is somewhat tucked away, but the large statement chandelier helps guide you to the front door. Furthermore, you can have some fun with your hardscape design, especially with staircases and walkways, when a home is elevated.

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#11 // Tiny Porch with a Big Impact

There’s nothing wrong with a small front porch that focuses the eye on the entry. The gabled roof and simple columns on this porch are painted in an off-white that pops against the darker siding. And, in this home’s case, the front porch doesn’t need to double as outdoor living space because there’s a small seating area to the left. Sometimes all you need is a place to put some planters, hang a lantern, and be protected from the elements before you walk in the front door.

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#12 // Open Style Porch

Most often porches are enclosed or defined spaces limited to the front door or a specified front area of the house. However, you don’t have to limit yourself. This example shows a wide-open staircase opening up into the yard with a patio, fire pit, and fun seating area.

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#13 // Porch Swing

The type of seating you have on your porch can make a massive difference in how you use the space. A cozy porch swing is perfect for an evening glass of wine or a relaxing Saturday morning with a book.

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#14 // Pergola

If you’re trying to avoid a major renovation or roof work, adding a pergola to cover your front porch creates a frame for the front door as well as visual interest. It can also offer some protection from the sun and is a great place to grow vines (like grapes if your climate allows for it!). Overall, the pergola is an easy and effective curb appeal upgrade.

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#15 // Wraparound Porch

A quintessential Victorian style element, wraparound porches are a lovely way to extend your living space outdoors. The simple planters, cozy seating, and minimal decor give a modernized feel to this historic home.

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Time to Modernize Your Front Porch

There are many ways to update your home’s exterior design to a modern aesthetic. Renovating and decorating your front porch can make a significant difference in your home’s look and feel, without having to redo the entire exterior. We hope you’re inspired by these 15 modern front porch ideas!

Our designers at brick&batten are experts at creating outdoor living spaces that suit both your style and your practical needs. Whether it’s adding a new front porch, extending the seating area, or modernizing the finishes, our exterior design services can help you visualize your updated home. Get started today!

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15 Modern Front Porch Ideas | brick&batten (2024)
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