15 Most Comfortable Flats: Flat Shoes That Walk The Walk (2024)

Move over, high heels. Flat shoes for women are having a welcome resurgence, and we’re right there behind them, stylish loafers in one hand and dainty mules in the other.

Cushioned insoles, supported arches and flexible soles might not be the sexiest descriptors for stylish footwear. But when paired with dressy embellishments, soft leather, and pointed-toe silhouettes, you’re on your way to discovering your new favorite flat shoes.

The tide has well and truly turned, and the humble commuter flat (a comfortable alternative to wearing the classic sneaker) is now our go-to shoe for sightseeing, drinks at the bar, and everything in between. And, whether you opt for statement slip-ons, dressy pointed-toe flats, or classic ballet flats, our guide breaks down everything you need to know before shopping for your next pair of comfortable flats.

And, of course, comfort is key here, which means no more bandaids hastily put in your purse before a night out, no more pinched toes after too many steps, and you can wave goodbye to aching arches the following morning.

No matter which flat shoe in our list you choose, no doubt your feet will thank you later. So you’re welcome.

In a rush? No problem! Here’s our shortlist of the absolute best options available right now:


Emmy London

A chameleon of a shoe that elevates every #OOTD. Add the brand’s shoe clips for extra style points.

  • Comfort: 4.5/5
  • Style: 5/5
  • Breathability: 4/5
  • Price: $$

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Christian Louboutin

The only time we love seeing red. These iconic red-soled flats are sure to leave a lasting footprint wherever you go.

  • Comfort: 4/5
  • Style: 5/5
  • Breathability: 4/5
  • Price: $$$

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Comfortable flats that are lightweight, foldable, machine washable, and flying high in A-list circles.

  • Comfort: 5/5
  • Style: 4/5
  • Breathability: 5/5
  • Price: $

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The 15 most comfortable flats

#BrandBest for
1Emmy LondonBest overall
2Christian LouboutinBest luxury
3AllbirdsBest value
4Tory BurchBest for travel
5GucciBest for work
6M.GemiBest for walking
7Mansur GavrielBest leather
8Koio BreraBest dressy
9M.GemiBest ballet
10NaturalizerBest breathable
11Manolo BlahnikBest pointed toe
12ClarksBest for wide feet
13VionicBest for arch support
14Oliver CabellBest mule
15KoioBest Clogs

Check below our listing to see exactlywhat to lookfor when shopping for your next pair of comfy flats.

Emmy London Lulu: Best overall flats for women

If you thought flats were falling—well, flat, this dazzling London-based label will change your mind once and for all. We flat-out love Emmy London flats for a number of reasons. But the greatest has got to be the British Royalty-approved brand’s uncanny ability to transform minimalist silhouettes into statement footwear with its removable shoe clips.

As our favorite pointed flats for women, the Lulu comes with an understated heel and extra padding. Balancing the everyday dichotomies of modern women, the versatile shoe is both chic and comfortable. Keep it simple and effortless at the office. Or dress it up with regal embellishments for your evening soirees—nobody would guess that it’s the same shoe.

Discover more about Emmy London.

Size range:US 5 – US 12
Materials:Suede Leather
Colors:Black, Navy, Red + More

Christian Louboutin: Most comfortable luxury flats

We all need an excuse to treat ourselves every so often, so, for a worthwhile purchase that’ll support you long after you’ve stopped thinking about the price, opt for a premium quality pair of luxury flats. Christian Louboutin’s Iriza pointed-toe flats breezily feature everything from stylish design to incredible comfort and a brand name that you’ll love to bring up in conversation.

Velvety black suede is soft enough that you’ll want to pull these on just to wander around the house and the classic style is one you’ll reach for no matter what’s on the cards. Christian Louboutin is one of our go-to brands for combining comfort with luxe style and the half d’Orsay silhouette of these pointed-toe flats makes them just as effortless as they are comfortable.

Not all flats are comfortable but these ones win our seal of approval with their timeless appeal and versatility — pair them with everything from jeans to midi skirts.

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Size range:US 4 – US 12
Materials:Suede Leather

Allbirds Tree Breezers: Best value comfortable flats

Can eco-friendly be both stylish and comfortable? These ballet flats by Allbirds definitely make a convincing case.

The beauty about Allbirds Tree Breezers is that they’re a) machine washable b) they can be as casual or as formal as you want and c) they are made of renewable materials — Think Brazilian sugarcane outsole and silky-smooth eucalyptus tree fiber upper.

The simplistic style adds comfort to your outfit without being overbearing, and a cushiony, moisture-wicking, and odor-reducing insole acts as your new best friend as the hours pass by.

Slip into comfort and seize your day, night, and everything in between. These ballet flats are some of the most comfortable flats for travel, too.

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Size range:US 5 – US 11
Materials:Eucalyptus tree fiber
Colors:A range including navy, black, brown

Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballerina: Most comfortable designer flats for travel

The saying goes “you can’t put a price on happiness” but we would beg to differ with Tory Burch flats. If we had to guess, we’d put a price on happiness (in the form of) comfortable flats at around $205. Which, coincidentally, happens to be the exact same price as the Minnie Travel Leather Ballerina shoes. By no means the cheapest on our comfortable flats guide but promising the most street cred, these ballerina flats by Tory Burch combine holiday chill, weekend shopping trip, Saturday morning brunch, and everything in between.

The slip-resistant rubber sole offers excellent grip and traction, while the flexible, cushioned insole adds extra comfort. Even better? The shoes fold up, making them super convenient to pack.

Tory Burch’s Minnie Travel Leather Ballerina will sit proudly at the front of your wardrobe or folded and tucked into your favorite travel tote, confidently waiting for the next occasion when you bring them back out. Which, spoiler, will likely be in a matter of hours. No break-in time needed.

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Size range:US 5 – US 11
Colors:A range including black, nude, tan

Gucci Horsebit Loafer: Best women’s leather flats for work

Proving that you don’t have to battle through heels to feel dressed up, Gucci’s take on flats is unsurprisingly glamorous. Handcrafted from the affluent label’s signature leather, the sumptuous silhouette speaks to the timeless decadence of Gucci. While the foldable heel errs between more relaxed or more refined.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Gucci without the brand’s iconic equestrian details. The gold hardware horsebit accents pay homage to the label that never has or never will go out of style. And in response to that, we’re deeming these black leather loafers a quintessential sartorial investment.

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Size range:US 4 – US 12
Materials:Italian Leather

M.Gemi Felize Moccasin: Most comfortable flats for walking all day

Nothing sends a beautiful pair of shoes to the Wardrobe Graveyard faster than ending the day with blisters, red toes, and more pain than you’d ever feasibly anticipate from a shoe. No matter how intricately detailed, painstakingly crafted, or fabulously colored, only the most reliable shoes will earn their place as a regular after a long day of walking. It might seem easier just to throw on a pair of trainers if you know you’ll be on your feet all day but, if you’d rather stay comfortable and chic, there are still flat shoes that’ll fulfill both sides of the deal.

A pair that’s definitely earned our respect comes in the form of M.Gemi’s Felize Suede Moccasin, handcrafted at a tiny Tuscany workshop.

With a sock-like fit, flattering oval toe, and durable—and scratch-resistant​—Gommoni rubber pegs, this suede loafer is a plain-sailing year-round staple. Simply slip them on and go about your day. The leather will effortlessly mold to the shape of your foot after a few wears.

Learn more about the story behind M.GEMI.

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Size range:US 5 – US 12
Colors:A range including black, blue, sage, camel

Mansur Gavriel Dream Ballerina: Most comfortable leather flats

Ask any elegant French girl — a classic ballerina is an effortless chic staple shoe. And this dream pair by Mansur Gabriel is case in point.

A grown-up take on the iconic feminine ballerina silhouette, the square-toe ballerinas are the kind of timeless flat shoes you will gladly wear on repeat.

Skillfully crafted in Italy from buttery-soft breathable leather decorated with a graceful bow, these Mansur Gavriel’s Dream Ballerina flats will pay dividends wear after wear — both in terms of versatility (pair yours with everything from your favorite jeans to feminine skirts) and serious level of comfort.

Plus, they can also be worn with a folded heel for a laid-back slipper-like effect. And let’s not even get started on how thankful you’ll be to Past You for remembering to bring such shoes along each time.

Learn more about the story behind Mansur Gavriel’s brand.

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Size range:US 5 – US 12
Materials:Italian lambskin
Colors:A range including black, beige, blush-pink

Koio Brera: Most comfortable dressy flats

We’ll say it one more time for the people in the back: you don’t need to wear high heels to feel or look dressy. In fact, the confidence (and, likely, expression) you wear when you’re comfortable far exceeds any added style points gained from wearing various types of heels.

A pair of Italian-made black loafers worn alongside a crisply ironed outfit is a true sign of officially Having Everything In Life Together. But perhaps what we love even more about these modern-classic Koio Brera Loafers is that they give us something we all want: versatility. So take this as a chance to add a new favorite pair of dressy flats to your wardrobe that will walk you in cloud-like comfort from a morning meeting to after-work drinks effortlessly and we promise you’ll never look back. In fact, you’ll likely be on the hunt for more social occasions.

Best for: A preppy shoe made for much more than loafing about.

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Size range:US 5 – US 11
Materials:LWG-certified sustainable Italian leather
Colors:Black, White, Cream

M.Gemi The Danza: Best ballerina flats

Made for twirling, pirouetting or just dancing through life, M.Gemi’s ballerina pumps are a masterclass in versatility. And while the Danza may look like a flat shoe from the outside, the secret hidden wedge on the inside says otherwise.

Handmade in Tuscany, the impeccable craftsmanship lives up to the M.Gemi’s “Made in Italy” cachet. And the buttery soft leather molds to your foot for unparalleled comfort. Plus, all of M.Gemi’s materials are sourced ethically and eco-consciously.

Interested to know more about how this brand is stepping up for Italian craftsmanship? Read our full M.Gemi story.

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Size range:US 5 – US 12
Materials:Italian Leather
Colors:Black, Tan, Sand + More

Naturalizer Samantha: Most comfortable breathable flats

A standard summer’s day is filled with the clinking of glasses, the rolling up of sleeves, and the occasional comment of “wow, it’s quite warm today, isn’t it?” Plan accordingly, and this latter comment will be the extent of your summer woes, without having to worry about exceeding the point of being just too warm or approaching levels of being most definitely Quite Hot. So it’s important that, alongside a floaty dress, lashings of suncream, and a fruity co*cktail, you remember to pull on your most breathable flats.

Of course, there’s always the option to surreptitiously slip them off under the table, but a better way to beat the heat is to just pick a pair of flats that’ll keep you cool. Naturalizer’s Samantha flats combine sophisticated style with comfort and support. Wear them to picnics or summer BBQs when you need to look cool and feel cool.

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Size range:US 4 – US 10
Colors:Black, yellow, taupe

Manolo Blahnik Gelista Ballet Flats: Best pointed toe flats

If you need any persuasion to swap out your office heels for a pair of comfortable flats: this the pair of ballet flats that’ll seamlessly make the transition. Warning: you might even find yourself skipping to work.

Manolo Blahnik’s Gelista flats are chic and polished enough to throw on in the morning on days when you really can’t face high heels, but are also timeless and versatile enough that you’ll even reconsider swapping out your go-to flats for them. Think of it as the adult equivalent of wanting to wear your shiny new school shoes even when it’s not a weekday.

With elongated almond toes and a promise of comfort, these comfortable black ballet flats will easily become your new staple work shoe. Long day ahead? Pair your work-appropriate-but-still-incredibly-comfy outfit with Manolo Blahnik’s black suede Gelista flats to make it just a little bit easier.

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Size range:US 4 – US 12
Colors:Burgundy and black

Clarks Rena Jazz: Best flats for wide feet

Established in 1825, Clarks is a frontrunner in high quality, comfortable flats for every foot shape and size. As our best flats for wide feet, the Rena Jazz features elasticated trims and molded contour cushion footbeds. While the retro-inspired patent leather accents encapsulate the shoe’s timeless sophistication.

Sumptuously soft and effortlessly breathable, these Clarks’ flats leave no excuse to nip out in your slippers. Pair them with tailored trousers for your next boujee brunch. Or keep it casual in distressed denims and a graphic tee.

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Size range:US 5 – US 12
Colors:Black, Sand and Navy

Vionic Willa: Best flats for arch support

Arch support may not be the sexiest term to describe a pair of flats. But when you struggle to find a comfortable pair, it is often the most enticing. Renowned for producing unparalleled comfort, Vionic is case in point. With a podiatrist-designed footbed, the stable shoe promotes natural alignment and relieves lower back pain—you can’t say that doesn’t lure you in.

Besides ridding you of all your foot problems, the Vionic flats are also undeniably flattering. And the sumptuous suede silhouette runs the gamut in colorways. Dress up your royal blues to the office. Keep it cute and classy in pink. Or opt for minimalist-approved neutrals.

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Size range:US 5 – US 11
Colors:Black, Blue, Pink + More

Oliver Cabell Dream Mule: Best mules for women

Nope, flats are not more boring than heels—a point proven by Oliver Cabell’s dangerous pair. Taking a walk on the wild side, the cheetah print mules are a fun way to spice up your wardrobe without compromising comfort. And with no break-in period required, you have full license to go wild on day one.

Drawing inspiration from the spotted animal in style and speed, the Cheetah Dream Mule is designed for running around town. Made in Italy, the suede silhouette is endlessly durable. Whilst the slip-on-style is the antidote to slept-through-alarms.

Discover the story behind Oliver Cabell.

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Size range:US 5 – US 11
Materials:Suede Leather
Colors:Cheetah, Leopard, Beige + More

Koio The Salerno: Most comfortable clogs for women

Marry the comfort of clogs with the effortlessness of slides and the Italian flair of Koio and you’ve got yourself a winning recipe for flawless footwear. Our only complaint is that ever since adding these Koio leather clogs to our arsenals, we haven’t been able to slide into anything else. Although, if you’re more self-disciplined than we are, you may not have that problem.

The Salerno silhouette is lightweight with cushioned footbed, making it ideal for endless hours on foot. It is handcrafted from the highest quality Italian leathers for timeless durability. And clogs in general are celebrity-approved and unfailingly cool, so you simply can’t go wrong with the aesthetics side of things.

Learn more about the story behind the Koio brand.

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Size range:US 5 – US 10
Materials:Italian Leather
Colors:Black and Gray

Best overall flats for women

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Emmy London Lulu Flats

Emmy London’s Lulu is the ultimate flat shoe, suitable for all sorts of occasions. These A-list-approved flats offer a touch of stylish versatility in utmost comfort. Verdict: We flat-out love these flats.


Buyers’ guide to comfortable flats for women

Well-made, comfortable, and beautiful are our three pillars when it comes to selecting the best comfortable flat shoes for this guide. Endless options in more shops than you could ever visit means it’s easy to find the perfect pair for you but here’s everything to take into consideration before clicking “checkout”.


Memory foam, cushioned footbeds, and supportive insoles are the buzzwords to look out for when choosing your new favorite flats. Opt for pairs that detail the millimeters of support under your feet, and stay away from flats that don’t mention any kind of support. If in doubt, read the reviews.


High-quality materials like leather or suede will mold to the shape of your foot and provide more comfort long term. These options might come at a higher price point but will likely last for years to come. When selecting your next pair of flat shoes, choose natural materials or those that provide flexibility for optimum comfort levels.

Toe shape

It’s still possible to elongate legs without a heel. Flats with a pointed toe add a tapered edge to your silhouette and can often be the best choice for workwear or formal occasions. Round or almond-toe flats might be just that tiny bit more comfortable but you can overstep any issues of pinched toes by ensuring you’re buying the correct size.


There are plenty of different styles of comfortable flats around including ballet flats, loafers, ankle ties, slip-ons, mules, sandals, and Oxfords. Some of the most versatile are ballet flats and mules, offering plenty of outfit choices to help you merge from daytime to nighttime without changing shoes.

Ballet flats are great for adding a feminine touch to any outfit, while loafers are the perfect addition to your work wardrobe. Ankle ties can add a playful hint to a summer’s day, while Oxfords will smarten up even the most casual of choices.

Frequently asked questions about buying comfortable flats

What are the most comfortable flats for work?

The best comfortable flats for work are Gucci’s Horsebit Loafer, Emmy London’s Lulu, and Manolo Blahnik Gelista Ballet Flats. Chic and polished, their classic silhouettes are the perfect addition to any working wardrobe and add an extra layer of function and fashion to your 9-5.

What are the best shoes for being on your feet all day?

The best shoes for standing on your feet all day include flats by Koio, M.Gemi, and Allbirds. An effortless year-round staple, these comfortable flats will take you from the morning meeting through to the afternoon shopping trip and evening drinks without the merest hint of a blister. Check our curated list to see the most comfortable flats for any occasion.

What are the most comfortable women’s shoes?

Some of the most comfortable women’s flat shoes include models from Koio, Allbirds, Vionic, and M.Gemi. With cushioning soles, plenty of support, stylish designs, and lots of positive reviews, these are some of our favorite flats. Read our list of the most comfortable flats to find your next favorite pair.

What are the best flats for walking?

All the flats on our list are comfortable enough for walking, but we especially like M.Gemi’s driver shoes for those days when you’ll be on your feet a lot.

Are Rothy’s really worth it?

Rothy’s shoes are comfortable flats. But if you are after eco-friendly comfortable flats we actually recommend Allbirds’ Tree Breezers.

15 Most Comfortable Flats: Flat Shoes That Walk The Walk (2024)
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