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Are you new to IGN's wiki guides? Whether you're looking to create your own wiki or add to others, this page contains very basic -- and very easy -- lessons you need to get started.

Anyone who has an IGN account and is logged in can make an edit to a wiki page. Here are the basic steps to editing any pages.

1) When you’re on the page you want to edit, hit the Page Tools drop-down menu below the Table of Contents button.


2) Select Edit (Beta) button below the wiki page name. Don't worry, any changes you make can be undone (or "rolled back").

3) Any changes you make will be saved when you hit the blue SAVE button in the upper right corner of the edit window.

If you are copy and pasting information, you can only paste text in the Wiki Markup side of the editor. Bad code will be added to the page if you paste text into the Visual Editor.

Getting to Know the Wiki Editor

The wiki editor (or editing interface) should look familiar. There are multiple formatting options at the top of the editing window, including extremely hyperlink tools, text formatting, and others in the two drop down menus.

Note that there are two tabs at the top of the wiki editor that say Visual Editor and Wiki Markup. You can write and layout a page easily with the Visual Editor, but you can freely switch back and forth between it and the Wiki Markup view, which shows theview of the page in wiki markup code -- which is also totally editable.

Words are boring, though. You can do so much more with the wiki editor! Like adding images...

You can add images using the wiki editor when you're in the Visual Editor view.


To the right of the editor is the Media Library. Hit the “Upload” button to get started. Choose up to five files, then hit the next “Upload” button. There’s no progress bar, but your images should be uploading. The file names disappear from the window when they’re uploaded to the Media Library.

Once your images are in the Media Library you can add them to the wiki. Put your cursor on the line where you want to add them image, then hover over the image you want in the Media Library. Two red boxes appear. Click the larger one to have your image fit the width of the wiki or the small box to insert a smaller version of your image. If you click the image (and not the boxes) you’ll add the full-sized image to the page.

When on any page, Click the Table of Contents bar and scroll all the way down to Wiki Tools. You can hit “Add Page,” but we recommend instead clicking “Edit Table of Contents.”

Edit Table of Contents takes you to a menu with the following three columns: Sections, Pages, and Sub-Pages. Adding a page this way allows you to immediately choose where you want the page to show up in the wiki’s navigation. The Sections pages are top-level pages in the wiki. To add one, click +Add Section button and name your page.

If you want to make a page that’s collapsable under another in the nav, select the parent page in the Sections column and hit +Add Page in the Pages column. You can also take it a step further and make a sub-page for an existing page.

You can rename your new page in the nav by hovering over it and clicking the pencil icon. You can delete it by hitting the trash can icon.


Linking within a wiki is incredibly important. To easily link to other articles within a wiki, you can simply highlight text in the Visual Editor and hit the "chain" button.

Type in the name of the page in the wiki you would like to link to -- capitalization matters! -- and hit OK.

You can follow the same procedure to link to external sites, just enter the full URL of the site you'd like to link your selection to.

Pro tip: In the Wiki Markup View that you can use double brackets around a page title to easily link to another page.

So this:
 [[Making Links]]

Becomes: Making Links.

Just be sure your link doesn't link to an empty page. If it does, you can add a redirect to another page or fill out the new empty page yourself.

Citing Sources

Sources are a unique type of link that generally link to another reliable (non-wiki) source, like IGN!

The best way to add a source is to enter the Wiki Markup View of the editor and add single brackets around your source URL.


So this:
The Legend of Zelda was released in 1987. [ [n]]

Becomes: The Legend of Zelda was released in 1987. [n]

A nifty link is even added as a footnote at the bottom of the page, automatically!

You can do so much more with wikis! Here are some other helpful (advanced!) wiki topics:

  • Using Tables and Templates
  • How to Create a New Wiki
  • How to Edit Interactive Maps
  • Using Wiki Markup Code
  • Adding Spoiler Tags

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Beginner's Guide to Wikis - How To Guide - IGN (2024)
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